Hero Editor

Hero Editor 1.04

A character editor modifying parameters of Diablo 2 saves
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1.04 (See all)

Change the set of skills, abilities, and inventory items you Diablo II character possesses. Access LOD and NOX data and change the values of certain parameters to implement modifications in the game itself. Work with attributes and positioning of elements.

Hero Editor is used for editing Diablo II LOD and NOX.
How to Use Hero Editor:
1) From Options Tab, make desired selections (leave at default values initially)
2) Click OPEN button and select a Character file
3) Select other Tabs to View/Change Character Attributes
4) From Inventory Tab, Move/Import/Export Items (Click to move/copy, Right Click for menu)
5) To Edit Items, Right Click on Item and SELECT FROM MENU
6) Click EXTRAS button for more detailed editing of Character (hex) and Items (menus or binary)
7) Click SAVE button to Save Character File (same as Name) (a backup file is created by default)
8) Click CLOSE button to exit program when no more editing is desired.

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